Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Something special came in the post..

I was doing my daily catch up on twitter when I saw a fellow fashion blogger had posted a FREE gift tweet. The tweet was for a free pair of earrings from a website called Lissele Jewellery, which is run by a young girl from London who sells so much jewellery, I don't know how she does it! Anyway she has a section where all the items are £1 which is a bargain! You had to pick a few favourites and she would send you one of them. I hoped I'd get these and I did :) They are underwater inspired with shells and sea horses- I thought they were quite different and unique. 

What arrived in the post this morning! Below is me posing away with them :)

 Below are a mine and a few other earrings I liked in the £1 section...

Follow her on twitter @LisseleJ 
Her website is: http://lisselejewellery.com
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