Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Another fancy manor!

On sunday we visited Packwood house which is local to us and we actually managed to get a bit of sun! It was funny walking round because the people thought I had got dressed up for the visit, like when your in first school and you dress as victorians or something! 

"The house is originally 16th-century, yet its interiors were extensively restored between the world wars by Graham Baron Ash to create a fascinating 20th-century evocation of domestic Tudor architecture.Packwood House contains a fine collection of 16th-century textiles and furniture, and the gardens have renowned herbaceous borders and a famous collection of yews."

Below are interior photos I took, I wasn't allowed to use the flash so they are a bit blurry but do show just how well kept the house is, it's full of so much and looks like you've stepped back in time.

So here's the outfit, I love wearing a jumper with a shirt collar poking out, can't shake being smart :) This outfit was put together because I'd just bought this jumper from the sunday car boot so I wanted to work out what works and what doesn't. Also this hat was bought from the car boot, it's a man's hat and I think the sellers thought I was slightly weird wanting to buy a man's hat but I love it and I don't think you can tell or would notice. 

Hat: 50p Carboot
Jumper: £1 Carboot
Shirt: £2.99 Charity shop
Brooch: £2 Charity shop
Handbag: £10 Echo vintage clothing
Skirt: £2.50 Charity shop 
Shoes: £6 Charity shop

Doing a dodgey wave!

This was weird but cool, I loved the fabrics on the doll and the styling, but it was so realistic.

Around the house were a lot of textiles, there were a total mix of cultural and ethnic prints/weaves/fabrics, japanese inspired prints were on furniture and walls alongside traditional english fabrics so it was a lovely mix. 

Oh and also if you're into car boots on a bank holiday they run on the Monday too, so two early mornings in a row, but it's worth it! 
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