Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I've been so busy Ebaying, we've actually reached our monthly allowance which I thought we never would! I thought I'd share with you guys my new dress and hair! My sister dyed my hair for me, I was a little worried it would be a straight line of copper, if that makes any sense but I love how faded it looks and hopefully will be touched up before uni! This dress was found on my travels yesterday, it's a Wallis dress, a bit pricey for a charity shop at £7 but it's still really good for the price! It's one of those dresses that look nothing on the hanger but when it's on it totally transforms.

 I saw this colour on the Superdrug shelf and thought THAT'S SO COOL! so I took the plunge and bought it, I now match my boyfriends red locks ;) I did think it probably wouldn't go as bright as the pack shows but it did! The dye looks like tikka masala sauce when it's mixed so it felt weird that it was on my hair, should have taken a photo! It's way better then the blonde though I think.

My 'Kate' necklace that I've had since I was little, I wear it even though the chains got a million knots in it as it's one of those really thin chains that you have to use tweezers to unravel! And I've had to kinda sew my own fastening on but it does the job and stays on :)

Thanks for reading,