Monday, 6 August 2012

Eighties into fabulous forties

Guess who's found a new vintage shop! 

I went to my favourite charity shops in Studley and right next to one is a vintage shop called Reminisce. It's only small and is mostly furniture, but it has very reasonable prices and I would say their best thing there is jewellery, there's so much to look through! On the clothing rail was a few dresses along with the usual vintage items; WW2 jackets, petticoats, knitted jumpers, cotton blouses but the dresses were nice compared to what I usually see. In particular, I don't like the polyester bright 70's/80's dresses that are a common find, sometimes there are really cool but they tend to be way too big and can't really be altered without undoing all the seams and remaking the whole dress.

My find- When I saw this dress on the hanger I fell in love with the print, as well as the price tag! The colours are perfect! It did look quite big though, on the label it read a size 18, but it's one of those dresses that when you add a belt at the waist it totally transforms it and I do think its more like a 12/14. 
I reckon this dress is from the 80's because of the fabric and the excellent condition it is in but I feel by rolling up the sleeves to make them 3/4 and by clinching the waist with a belt it creates a look reminiscent to those of the 40's. The belt creates a yoke (the space between the belt and the drop waist) that would usually only be seen in skirts, this combination of a yoke and pleats were a common occurrence in the 40's.

Oh and also I was trying out a hair style I saw on Kate Nash, a middle parting with front rolls, she left her hair down curly but for this look it suited a ponytail. I haven't quite perfected the technique of doing it but I hope with practise I will :) 

My mum's wall ornament looks like some crazy avant-garde head piece! 

If you're wearing something that is too big, I find it looks better if you roll up the sleeves as it shows of the thinest part of the arm and if you can the clinch the waist with the belt. 

All the info you need if you want to check it out :)

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