Tuesday, 28 February 2012


I love the shapes and colours within this collection, the sisters always create such interesting textile embellishments.

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Sunday, 26 February 2012


This is a day wear dress from the 40's. I bought it last month of ebay, for £5! There is a little bit of damage, but very minor, just a few tiny holes. I love it so much! Further down is a close up picture of this beautiful lace detail.

Close up of the pocket, as you can see some diamontes have managed to stay on and the lace is still in good condition.

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

LFW- One of my favourites

James Long

He was part of the Fashion East runway, the last one to show. He has been represented by Fashion East for the past 2 years and I hope he becomes as big as previous designers who Fashion East represented; House of Holland, JW Anderson, Holly Fulton, Marios Schwab, Gareth Pugh,Meadham Kirchhoff, Louise Gray, there is still so many left to mention! Fashion East is sponsored by Topshop and its about supporting upcoming designers and allowing them to show there designs to international press and buyers at London Fashion Week.They represent 3 womenswear designers and 3 menswear designers, this year they choose the same 3 womenswear designers as last year to showcase.

 Each piece has so much detail and is totally amazing! I would LOVE to own any of his garments.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The long awaited MARNI FOR H&M collection.

Marni is one of my favourite designers, I love how they mix prints and colours. I fall more and more in love with them as each season passes! These are my favourites from the collection, but check out Vogue as there or about 100 or so photos!

I love how the print clash and shouldn't work, but they do!

Gorgeous sandals, love the flash of green.

Vintage style v-neck

This is men's, I really like how the prints are in blocks of black patterns, sooo cool, I'd consider buying it just so I could wear it. 

Photo shoot with the collection styled together.

I like how striking both prints are.
MY FAVOURITE. I'd wear this so much, would work with jeans, skirts, shorts, trousers. I'd work with the slouch/pyjama style, I'd like to wear a long calf length vintage skirt with my pearls!

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mellow yellow.

Here I'm showing off one of my new purchases, my jumper! £1.50 from a church charity shop, soooo happy with it! I'm not usually into turtle necks, as they don't usually suit me but this one is an exception! I'm going for the heritage/ preppy look.
The skirt is from a charity shop,  it was below the knee originally but it made me look frumpy so I thought shorten it! The bag is also charity shop sourced the shoes are H&M

Close up of my make-up and hair

The other photos didn't pick up the pattern on the knit.

Pucker up!

Thanks for reading, there are so many good buys in charity shops and fairs, so always always pop in for a quick look!

Love kate xxx

Ellen Rogers, My newly found treasure.

I am desperately trying to find something.

My search in the black foam and the fog of my psyche.
I see no other way to that place/emotion/world, oh I don’t know.
I saw it in a dream recently. I knew instantly I would be there again.
I hope I am there again.
I need to find that place, to right the wrongs, it is the punishment that I need, perhaps?
I can feel a reality slipping away from me, with this drive replacing it, this quest.
Where my problems are worked out and my worries are confirmed and made corporeal, real worries walking and seeing, they are deformed and contorted ideas in the flesh (and in the fog), where in there/here even your taunts will leave me smiling.
I think I will get there, perhaps I will see some of you there.


'Kersti9' Ellen Rogers

'Julia14' Ellen Rogers

'colourvalusha14' Ellen Rogers

'Experiment335' Ellen Rogers
'Rory4' Ellen Rogers

'hanamanor2' Ellen Rogers
 All images from http://ellenrogers.co.uk/bloggable

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

My final for my 1930's project

I designed a skirt for my chosen retailer, Whistles for my fashion project. I love the 30's and 40's so this project wasn't hard for me! I had so sooo many ideas, but this design seemed to fit in best with the brand Whistles.

I'll be posting my favourite looks from London fashion week so far next!

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Love Kate xxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012


                                                           My current inspirational photograph

Mainbocher from 1936. The elegance is so captivating, I love how the skirt drapes, She kind of reminds me of Florence Welch in the face.

Florence in her Gucci! Do you see the similarity?
From www.mystylelife.com

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Love Kate xxx

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My new obsession with....

Rag & Bone A/W 12-13
I just grabbed one image from Vogue.com, I wanted to show you guys the brilliant mix of print and texture that Rag& bone's show included. The show is full of layers and prints and I think it's a clever way of mixing fur, leather and prints.

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Love Kate xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My friends photography- Oct 2010

These photos were for my friend Jen's project, believe it or not like as a freezing day in october! A few days before my birthday, The outfits, hair and make-up were styled by me, I usually wear this hair and make-up and the outfits were all mostly sourced from my charity shop rummaging and car-booting. Jen is a brilliant photographer and I have just collaborated with her recently, this is what reminded me to upload these shots.  

Me just casually applying the lippy.

Showing the victoy roll

My mini picnic basket, £2! Crazy!

I really like how Jen has caught the tree in the top left corner, the texture works with that of the dress.

Close up time! I added a netted piece into my hair, I thought it added a nice hint of colour.

Thanks for reading, I'll upload photos from my recent photo-shoot soon. Just a hint, I'm one hell of a scary doll!!! 

Kate xxxxx

Hormazd Narielwalla

I've just discovered this brilliant artist/ illustrator. I love how he gets fashion related objects to collage on/ with. He has used pattern masters, pattern pieces etc to collage with. His pattern pieces are sourced from bespoke Savile Row tailoring patterns.

"His fascination of tailoring archive earned him the only International Rector’s Scholarship from the University of Arts London at London College of Fashion. His research focuses on exploring a new value for the pattern by looking at them as historical documents and beautiful drawings in their own right, the British Raj being the context."  http://narielwalla.com/about/

He totally fascinates me, his way of collaging is so inspiring , I find that my style is similar, in that I like to explore the use of space and layouts. He has been my main inspiration for my current project at collage so I'll be uploading photos of my final pieces later this month, hope you like them.

Here is some examples of his work:

Hormazd Narielwalla

Fairy-God, Fashion Mother” series by Hormazd Narielwalla
Love how he has included her trademark head piece.

From the "Victorian" series by Hormazd Narielwalla

                                                                                            Love Kate xxx

Monday, 13 February 2012

My favourite from NYFW so far..


 This was the first look, I love the shaping of             I love the use of print and texture here! 5 different
the neckline, it shapes the neck by showing               fabrics but all work well together due to the white
curve on the shoulder, and shows an elegant             and black tones.
neck. But also I'm loving the print mixing with
the flashes of orange!
I've just brought some gorgeous shoes from Kurt Geiger, which mix blue and black (Maybe in a upcoming photos! ), I don't usually like, but recently I'm loving it! The flash of mustard around the collar brightens this up along with the embellished cuffs. I love this silhouette, the fitted waist then going into a peplum. 

                                                           Images all from Vogue.com

                             Thanks for reading, I've love to here your guys favourites so far!

                                                                        Love Kate xxx

Portfolio work

Hey! sorry its been a while, I've been very focused on my work for uni, but I'm back now!!!!

I'm sharing with you a few pieces from my portfolio I have put together for some university applications..