Friday, 9 November 2012

Sketchbook time.

Hi guys, I've been busy working away on my first uni project, as you probably know I'm at Brighton studying fashion and I thought I'd share a few pages from my sketchbook and my final 8 designs to show family and friends what I'm upto.

The brief was to design a mens shirt that had to be made out of calico and contain all the traditional elements (plackets, button stand, pocket, cuff and collar) so at first I freaked a little! I looked at street style and trends to start with, which are the areas I'm really into, from that I created some very initial designs using paper to represent parts of my design I wanted to isolate, when I noticed how interesting the ways in which paper folds and the straight angler lines formed, so I just carried on doing experiments and designs.
Top Left: Street style pages
Top Right: Initial sketches and folding
Bottom Left: Trend Research, Mods
Bottom Right: Close ups of initial drawings
Lots of foldings and paper going on here, aswell as using my boyfriend as a model for observational work!
My Final 8 designs, also inspired by samurai outfits and shaping.

These are a few of the quick sketches we did in class, at first it was hard to get back into quick observational sketches but it liked it towards the end,

Thanks for reading,