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LaurenceAirline -Menswear

 If you're looking for a brand who is new and different then look no further! Laurence Airline is a newly established Ready-to-wear Menswear brand whose inspiration is predominantly ethnic prints for their shirt design. The reason why this brand works so well is because it stays true to where it's based, it's a collaborative project in Africa to bring education into fashion, her workshops are ran to allow creativity and to teach couture sewing techniques. The designer Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud is from The Ivory Coast where education is poor, although she has worked abroad her workshop is based here and all the profit from sales is then reinvested back into the project. It's the brands second season and I think it stands a very good chance of many more. They modernise traditional prints and patterns in a way that fits with current trends, they don't just get inspired by Africa as the season shows...

'The concept behind LAURENCEAIRLINE is based on how fashion and ethnic cultures can successfully collaborate to create possibilities for the future.'


This campaign is like a photo montage based on symmetry, it's quite a simple concept but incredibly effective as you do notice the shirt, I like how you can get a sense of where they are based and what has inspired the clothing. 

'A/W 2012-2013: For its second season LAURENCEAIRLINE gives pride of place to the shirt. An invitation to travel, the Fall-Winter 2012-2013 collection takes us on a bold, graphic journey. Colourdul construction and playful materials blend refinement  and character. The fabrics evoke the places visited on a long voyage. Japanese-inspired polka dots meet Scottish plaids on printed wax surfaces. The wax printed peacock spreads his plumes on the shirt's shoulders. The cut and construction evokes the geometric lines of a retro-futurist trip where materials and colours blend into a bewildering balance. And so emerges a sophisticated and elegant wardrobe for men, which has expanded this season into pants and scarves in order to fully furnish the dressing room of freedom-loving modern dandy'

Below are my favourite from their A/W collection, there are many more looks, I choose the ones that showed how innovative the shirt designs are, so check out their website for more from their lookbook;

Adzope shirt-Yamoussoukro shirt

Tamba shirt-Tajima shirt

Fyvie shirt-Falkland shorts
Ricarton shirt- Ralston pants
Anyama blazer- Furano pants

In England they are only stocked at Agnes and Lola who specialise in African designed clothing, I can't find Laurence Airline on their website so maybe they haven't had new stock yet. 

Laurence Airline are a small independent label so I don't know the availability of their stock, as it's handmade in The Ivory Coast so its prices will reflect that.  

S/S Campaign

Their inspiration board

I had to show this shirt, I think its from S/S, but how brilliant is it! With the contrasting  collar and chest detail. 

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