Sunday, 6 November 2011


This look is my attempt at the Gothic/vampire look (For halloween, its a bit late!)..
The dress is from Topshop from a few seasons ago
The scarf was brought from a charity shop for £3 :)

I love how big the scarf is, I think it is meant to be worn as a headdress.. This is what inspired this outfit, I choose a tight fitting dress to exaggerate the scarf volume and the black creates the purple to stand out more...
Thankyou xxx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Recent still lifes

Hey! For some reason my photos won't rotate sorry, I've tried rotating them before uploading but they just seem to upload like this so my apologies!!

The first drawing is of a head stand wrapped in plasic, the purpose is to show the objects contours but not give away what it is, so it makes you almost want to open it and see whats inside, like when you get a present:)

This is close ups of the object created using water-soluble pens

Lastly a skeleton drawing I drew whilst in my still life session.

                                                Thanks for reading, Kate xxx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Carven S/S 12- Paris

When I saw the thumbnail of this collection, I was straight away drawn to the fluidness and shape of the leather skirt. The collection is made up of body con/pencil skirts and circle skirts with a fitted bodice.. I really like the layers within the bodices, how they have exposed certain areas to reveal the layer underneath..

This yellow/mustard outfit is my favourite day dress from the all the fashion weeks. The knitted layer underneath adds texture without being predictable, I would love to OWN THIS DRESS!!!

As the collection gets under way, bold ethic prints start to appear in linear patterns. The cut out detail on the left hand side dress reminds me of Louis Vuitton's collection, the 50's dresses where they had a bit of the bodice cut out, showing off the "womanly" figure..

The right photo has an AMAZING fabric print, I'm in love with it!! I think this will really influence my work for my textile project at college....
Thankyou for reading xxxx

Bringing out the jumpsuit!

The sun came out and so did my jumpsuit :) Its from H&M and was designed for the charity Water aid..
I really like jumpsuits, as they allow the look to be casual yet can be dressed up by heels and accessories

I also LOVE this jumpsuit from ASOS!
Image 1 of ASOS Shirt Collar Peg Leg Jumpsuit
ASOS £50
I love the geek chic feel and the shiny bow against the thick dull fabric......

Thank you xxx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011



Cardigan: I brought this cardigan from a WW2 antique's shop! We were driving past, when I saw one of the famous WW2 miltary jackets (love the fabric! So nice for a man's jacket) outside, so we jumped out and this cardigan was in there, for only £6 (I reckon they got the labels mixed up!). The man said that it from WW2 and was used to style a cast member on the BBC show 'Land girls' !! I've never handed money over quicker!!! :)
Top: Old BHS top I found whilst charity shopping, I brought it for my sister for holiday but she declined soooooo it's mine :)
Jeans: From H&M
Shoes: Also H&M, I think I'll wear them to death, I'm always in them.....

Kate xxxxxx

London fashion week....

Meadham Kirchhoff

This collection is such a cheerful and girly collection, you can't help but love it. At first glance, you just see the bright pastel shades, but when you look closer you see all the little details. Like the laser cutting on the white dress, and that's when you realise how brilliant this collection is. It reminds me of when young girls play dress up in their mums clothes, with the hair roughly painted, hearts and bows everywhere and make-up roughly put on..
The collection is not usually something I'd like, but this one I do! I think that as a look it's so striking and stands out a mile, but when you break down the outfits you see all the garments individually...

David Longshaw

He graduated Central Saint Martins in 2007 and made his debut collection last season for A/W 11.. His collection is personal and brilliant due to the fabric prints, he creates his own illustrations then puts them onto his chosen fabrics. 
I really like the idea of mixing two areas of fashion into one, illustration sometimes borders on art but here it's fashion design and illustration. For more images check out..... f
Illstration for Spring/Summer 12 collection
S/S 12
S/S 12

Illustrations on scarfs

Mary Karantzou

I first saw Karantzou's work for her S/S 11 collection and I thought it was something new and interesting. Every time I think of her I see those structured, rigid skirts covered by luscious patterns, and everything else with a pattern on. I was really looking forward to seeing what she did for this season, it was different to what I expected, but a good different. 
 I think this collection has multiple influences such as; a tribal art feel in some of the prints, a definate nature influence, and in parts of the fabric it almost looks like shiny metals surface....
The spring/Summer 11 collection

S/S 12
S/S 12

Thankyou for reading!
Let me know your favourite designers from London, there are soooo many to choose from :)
Kate xxxx

Monday, 26 September 2011

Julia looking all Vintage!

I styled my sister at the weekend in my clothing, we were bored and since we were little we have always played dress up but now it's using my dressing up box! She doesn't go for this cute, tea party, vintage look normally, so it was fun to see her dressed like me :) The dress, bag, necklace and belt are all vintage, which I came across when doing my weekly charity shopping.

I love how elegant she looks and I think she looks as cute as a button! :)

Thanks for reading,
Kate xxxxxx  

Today I'm Wearing......

My new cardigan that I brought for only £4!! It was from a charity shop, along with my dress :). I went for the shocking teal tights, purely because I ran out of black tights! But I also like them with the purple in the cardigan...

My beautiful bag that I now can't live without! Even though it's small, I manage to fit everything in for college :)

I'll be posting my favourite shows from London and Milan shortly, so check back later this week!

Thanks for reading,
Kate xxxxx

Sunday, 25 September 2011


WOWWWWWWWWW!!! Each time I go on Vogue, I just see more shows that I love! I'm really liking the outfits that are heavily embellished beads, sequins etc.. that relate to cultural influences within the collections. I'm also so glad that the androgynous style is still in, as it's such a powerful look. I don't like the masculine fit on me, as I usually opt for the fitted silhouette's, but on the models it looks sleek .

My top designers for New York would have to be Prabal Gurung, Zac posen and Proenza Schouler....


I hadn't thought of Gurung as one of my top designers before S/S 2012, but I was so in love with that first outfit, it sticks in my mind, when I think of New York fashion week that dress is what I see.
Similar to what Stella Mccartney did last season, this collection is based on building on top of sheer, really thinking about where to place prints and fabrics. I love the mix of black, white and purple!


I love the elegance that Posen captures, he might even move Elie Saab off the top spot for my favourite evening designer, time will tell! :) With a show having Coco Rocha as the opening and the finale girl, there was no chance this show could fall. This show is full off beautiful dresses, especially evening dresses, but one dress I think you don't expect is the grey dress which has a fitted bodice, and the waist drops to the floor, with a lace overlay. Has that vintage feel and fit.

Finale dress

My favourite look


These boys impress me season after season! I love the colours they choose, as each garment isn't just one colour, it's a few. The looks were based on the city shorts and a blazer look, which I think is a new way of thinking of smart dressing, but the fabric have a tribal feel to the pattern and colours used (I LOVE tribal art and history!).

Thankyou for reading! Sorry it's a little late as we are already in Milan fashion week, and will be shortly going into Paris, which I cant wait for! Elie Saab is the last show, saving the best for last :)

Kate xxxx

Monday, 19 September 2011

50's please come back.........

I've hardly been drawing/illustrating but I sat down yesterday and just started drawing lots of different outfits for different eras and styles, I was so glad to be drawing again!!! I've had a creative block a few days so imagine my relief to like what I'm drawing :) (I think every designer and artist knows what it's like, just frustrating!)

Below are a few images to show the 50's look I was going for a fitted bodice with a very full skirt, especially Dior's new look!!

Diors new look- was totally new and the fashion changed within a matter of days from the loose fitting silhouettes to Diors fitted bodice and the hem line rose to create a shorter fuller skirt......

More of a casual style, old Vogue dress pattern

Thanks for reading!

Kate xxxxx

College Exhibition 2011

This exhibition is a mixture of Textiles, Visual Communion and fashion work that I've done over the last year.

This weave I created in Textiles, I wanted to use an image that stood off the page when you looked at it. I also liked the idea of using different fabrics and materials instead of making it look like a typical weave. I added on the feathers to create my pieces to look like a collection of work....

The two images above I created for my visual Communication project, the brief was Idioms and I felt that it would be best to choose fashion based phases so I can relate them to the area which I'm most interested in.I really pushed what I could do and really enjoyed all the different concepts I came up with my experiementing with collage, ink, hand drawing and photoshop....
This isn't a brilliant photo of my illustrations, My designs were based on the play Animal Farm which is about the uprise of power. My designs are about showing animalistic tears and rips that happen in the heat of a fight, but making them into an elegant,structured garment..

Hope you enjoyed my work,
Kate xxxxx

Friday, 16 September 2011

My New Purchase!!

I brought this chiffon skirt from a charity shop for only £2.80!! It is originally brought from Marks and Spencer/St Michael. This is my day wear outfit with the skirt, below is my evening wear choice. I would also like it if it was longer creating a wider skirt. I teamed it with my Vintage red blazer and a red scalloped edge top as I wanted to do a statement look. It is a little obvious but sometimes I feel that an outfit doesn't need to be overly accessorised or busy and layered (even though I do love a good print!).

This outfit is styled in the same way as above, in a simplistic way. I felt the open back was a great canvas to put something exciting there, so I turned a necklace backwards so the tassels went down the back and it fitted perfectly! I really wanted to show the open back leotard (that again was sourced from a charity shop), I don't know what I'd do if there wasn't any second hand shops!!! They are my inspiration point, which has led me to recently think about volanteering in a charity shop so I'll keep you updated about that. 

I'm so excited right now about fashion week, I keep visiting in search for new photos from the shows! I will be posting my favourite trends and individual shows but from what I've seen from New York fashion week. The contenders for Best show would have to be Prabal Gurang - gorgeous use of sheers, Jason Wu - with his everlasting geek chic elegance and Zac Posen, Coco Rocha's finale dress was to die for, so so beautiful!!

Thanks for reading,
Kate xx