Friday, 17 August 2012

Secretary Smart

This is the first style post I've done in a while, probably because I'm currently living in-between houses but I've just been reunited with my wardrobes pose, pose, pose!

This look to me is a little 70's with the colours and fabrics, especially which my new hair too ;) Middle parting and waves! My mum gave my hair a trim recently, I'd rather spend that £30 on bargains in charity shops! 

I started by building this look with the shirt, this skirt was the only plain unpatterned skirt I had so it went straight on. I played with accessories till I found something that worked. I love neck ties!


Top: Charity shop £3.99
Scarf: Charity shop £2
Belt: My mums donation to me
Skirt: Primark £6 £3
Shoes: Office £69 £15 (such a good sale!)

Examples of how to wear a neck-tie

I love this far left shirt with the matching hat! I didn't realise at first but this shirt has the Eiffel-Tower repeated which is a unique touch. This was off a brilliant blogger site,

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