Saturday, 25 August 2012

Forties Faux Fringe

My John Lennon sunglasses! I bought them off Ebay, the lenses are usually too small to wear with my usual wear as they don't look right but with a forties look they work really well. I saw on youtube how to do this faux fringe ages ago but only recently decided to give it a go as I'm trying out new styles, I get bored of my hair really quickly!

Oh have I mentioned about this brilliant dress! I found it in Bromsgrove and managed to get it for £5.99. It is in a forties style and it does appear to be old and hand made, so I hope it is from decades ago! It needed a bit of repair and altering in areas but everything was fixable.

The back has a buttoned fastening, with matching buttons on the cuffs. At the back on the waistline I created an inverted pleat to bring in the waist and I top stitched the top part down. 

1940's Hairstyles

I love the hairstyles from this period, they always had some sort of roll or scarf that features on the top of the head that draw the hair away from the face to highlight cheek-bones and lips.

Round Sunnie's

I love this photo! The sunglasses are bold and stand out, the glasses are similar to mine in terms of shape but I wish I had these.

Dress patterns from the 1940's

Just wanted to share these brilliant patterns I found to show the shapes and silhouettes that were common in the 1940's, I found by looking at old patterns it's easier to identify when a style of dress would be from.

1940's film advertisements

McQ A/W 12-13

This hair reminds me of my little fringe roll but in a high fashion extreme way! It's the same sort of thing by wrapping the hair around a hair donut but on a grander scale. 
This collection featured war inspired shapes with oversized military colouring in the coats and jackets, then followed by high waisted early 1950's dresses. This silhouette was a response to the war ending, the newly found freedom and joy that the war was over, this shape was very much introduced by arguably Christian Dior's most important collection 'Dior's new look.'
 I think the make-up is very clever as it adds a shadow onto to eye, then the hair creates a shadow so the eyes appear darker on the runway.

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