Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Highclere Castle AKA Downtown Abbey!

On monday my family and I went to Highclere castle and it was so worth the hour and a half drive! We weren't allowed to take photos of the interior but it was just incredible. It made me even more excited for Downtown to start back up again! I decided to wear my Laura Ashley dress with a sweater over the top and a wicker handbag, which I think is actually a small pinic hamper for a girl to play with her bears and dolls :)

This was taken just before we entered the house tour, this is my sister Helen who's really into fashion too and this is one of the car boot dresses I picked up, I shortened the hem to give it a 60's look. I love it on her! We all had such a good day and so many photos were taken so it was hard narrowing them all down.

Jumper: £3 Charity shop
Wicker handbag: £2.99 Charity shop
Sunglasses: £2.99 H&M
Shoes: £24.99 H&M
Dress: £4 Charity shop

What you've all been waiting for, inside of the bag! :)

This was a scene in Downtown Abbey, when the solider pretended to be their long lost cousin........

It was full of Downtown memorabilia but I took photos of my favourite things, The top left picture is a replica jewellery box, then a sewing mouse which you stick your pins into and hold a cotton reel on the tail! Bottom left are copies of the history of Downtown and lastly a really cute vintage style wall hanging!

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