Sunday, 19 August 2012

Brick by brick.

So this is what I decided to wear yesterday, un-aware of the blazing heat that would creep up! By the afternoon I was boiling! So I'll be saving this outfit for the Autumn I think :)

My eyes are a little squinted here!

Dress: £5 Charity shop
Scarf: £1.50 Charity shop
Necklace: £15 Topshop
Belt: £3 Charity shop
Handbag: £4 Charity shop  REAL LEATHER!
Shoes: Had them for ages I think they were £29.99 H&M

I hope you're all enjoying seeing what I wear, I'm not that hardcore to post my look every day but I'll try to do it regularly. Currently I'm having a massive sewing session from all the car boot things I bought today and there's alot to alter, one stall was selling vintage dresses for £3 each, so I bought 4 and he gave me a good deal, £8! But within them is a lot of work, they all have faults so I'm currently trying to work out how to move back waistbands, cut out the discoloured fabric, taking in seams, hems that need rising and repositioning darts so I've been putting my sewing to the test! One dress I've practically altered all the seams! But it's worth it when you can buy vintage that cheap.
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