Monday, 19 September 2011

50's please come back.........

I've hardly been drawing/illustrating but I sat down yesterday and just started drawing lots of different outfits for different eras and styles, I was so glad to be drawing again!!! I've had a creative block a few days so imagine my relief to like what I'm drawing :) (I think every designer and artist knows what it's like, just frustrating!)

Below are a few images to show the 50's look I was going for a fitted bodice with a very full skirt, especially Dior's new look!!

Diors new look- was totally new and the fashion changed within a matter of days from the loose fitting silhouettes to Diors fitted bodice and the hem line rose to create a shorter fuller skirt......

More of a casual style, old Vogue dress pattern

Thanks for reading!

Kate xxxxx

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