Monday, 19 September 2011

College Exhibition 2011

This exhibition is a mixture of Textiles, Visual Communion and fashion work that I've done over the last year.

This weave I created in Textiles, I wanted to use an image that stood off the page when you looked at it. I also liked the idea of using different fabrics and materials instead of making it look like a typical weave. I added on the feathers to create my pieces to look like a collection of work....

The two images above I created for my visual Communication project, the brief was Idioms and I felt that it would be best to choose fashion based phases so I can relate them to the area which I'm most interested in.I really pushed what I could do and really enjoyed all the different concepts I came up with my experiementing with collage, ink, hand drawing and photoshop....
This isn't a brilliant photo of my illustrations, My designs were based on the play Animal Farm which is about the uprise of power. My designs are about showing animalistic tears and rips that happen in the heat of a fight, but making them into an elegant,structured garment..

Hope you enjoyed my work,
Kate xxxxx

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