Sunday, 16 September 2012

My visit to London Fashion Week!

I went to a London fashion week show! :) I mentioned about it in my last post but just to re-cap, my friend Natalie Lines did a few illustrations for PPQ last season and managed to get two tickets to their S/S 13 show. The show was at quarter to 8 in the evening, so we spent the day shopping around London (which is going to be my next post). We got the 23:30 train back home, so it was one of those train journeys where you don't want to fall asleep but it's pretty impossible not to!

These were the Fashion Week posters outside the venue.
Celebrity spotting! I only managed to get a few pictures decent pictures, my camera kept playing up, but in the top Left is Laura Whitmore, below is a very blurry Jameela Jamil then in the bottom Right corner is Pandemonia being interviewed! Also Vv Brown, Jodie Harsh and Shingai Shoniwa graced the front row.
The photos I took of the show, only a few clear ones but further down is a video that I filmed of the show, it's the last half because I suddenly thought, hey I can film on my camera!
This shows the different stages of the show, the show opened with this far left photo, this print had this 60's psychedelic look, that was carried on through into a very sleek bouncy high ponytail, very reminiscent of the 1960's. We noticed after, that the print is on the back of the invitations! Next the white and blue stripes appeared ( Hm hmm like I'd predicted as a trend in my late post ;) then it faded out into bold chiffon little numbers that flowed so gracefully at the back as the models walked down. 
(pictures from Vogue)

 For some reason I turn the camera around a few times from landscape to portrait so apologises for the awkward head tilt you'll be doing :)

 I managed to get a gift bag! Natalie and I split it the 2 eye palettes, 2 lip glosses, GHD sprays and fake tan. When I looked inside I couldn't believe how much was there, because on all the other seats apart from the two front rows was a bottle of mineral water so it's quite a step up!

I love the packaging! The lip gloss is nice but it really peels off when you're wearing it, but the eye shadows are pretty amazing! The colours are just as strong on your eyes, as they are in the palette.

This is just a little collection of how many things I picked up, and my business cards!! I feel professional now with them!

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