Friday, 21 September 2012


Before the PPQ fashion show Natalie and I had a lot of time to kill so we hit Brick lane!
Yeah so I'm trying on sunglasses whilst still having my sunglasses on my head, just can't get enough of them!
This is the shop where I found a pretty darn cool dress! I'm really into long straight midi dresses styled up so it's no surprise I bought one, I love the oriental print! Brick lane definitely lives up to the hype, once you've passed all the indian restaurants you reach vintage paradise :)
Dress: £14 Vintage Basement
Belt: £2 Charity shop
Shoes: £3.99 Charity shop

I went to Paris last week so I'll be sharing lots of photos of what we did and found soon! There was quite a few cheap vintage shops where theres just piles of clothing to sort through at €1, so obviously I' bought loads! Everything just about squeezed into my hand luggage! 

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  1. hi hun, i love reading your blog and notice you often post about vintage items, i was wondering if you may be able to help me learn more about a handbag we recently rescued from my grannys attic, here is the post i would love it if you could take a look? xxx