Thursday, 26 July 2012

New find.

Thank-you to all you guys who regularly check out my blog as I've just reached 5,000 views!! 

So this post is about this gorgeous Monsoon wool skirt I found, it was a long  straight skirt nearly to the floor! Must have been so warm to wear but it looked bulky and like I'd wrapped a blanket round me so I gave it a chop and heres the result! 

It was just a simple shorten but which left me with a lot of trims, I could make a matching skirt with what was chopped of! The pictures seem to highlight the hem, in person you can't see the line so its a little strange that the camera decided it would show it up!

I brought the skirt from a salvation army sale for £3, I just loved the colours and I thought it would be a simple piece that could be worn reguarly, One thing though the fabric is a little itchy so tights are a definite...

I teamed it with another fairly recent buy, a St Micheal vintage blouse. Its within the same kind of shades, but I like mixing up patterns and prints, I added a pop of colour on the lips and statement large H&M earrings (still in H&M stores), stolen from my sister's window ledge for this look..

The H&M bling! 

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Have a great weekend,

Kate xxx

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