Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Finally its carboot weather!

As you can tell from the title, I'm pretty glad it was sunny on sunday as I finally went to my first car boot of this year, all the other sundays had been too rainy to hold one. I love how cheap everything is! Most of it is just naff stuff, but it is good for some vintage buys. One of the sellers had an old fashioned navy pram and it was in such good condition and so cute! I went along to help sell so I got there at 6, which is so early for me since I've been on summer break. We sold quite alot but still ended up with a full boot worth of unsold items, mostly clothing! We had to pack up early in a hurry as the heavens opened pretty quickly so it was a mad panic to get it all packed up and into the car, good job I had my new jumper to keep me warm :)

Here are my favourite buys, I managed to spend under £10 and this is only about half so you'll probably see the other half styled up in the future...

A gorgeous laptop bag for 50p with a load of tops, skirts, jumper and dresses.

The girl I bought this jumper off said it was from Paris! So that's cool, I think it's a unisex jumper, it looks nice oversized and isn't too thick. I really like the colours in it as they are my colours, I don't really suit bright shades. I think the key to wearing something oversized is to keep it skinny on the bottom, so skinny fit trousers or bare the legs in a short skirt! It's hand knitted so this was my most expensive buy at £1.50..

This blouse is such a vibrant red, it suits me under a jumper but on its own not so much, I think my sister has her eye on it and it would look great on her. It isn't particualry old but I really liked the unusual embroided pattern running down the centre. There are usually a few blouses like this in charity shops but they are always miles too big for me so I was pleased that it's an XS. 50p

This was meant for my boyfriend but its quite short and did look strange as it was oversized baggy but then finished way too high! It would have looked so good if it was longer but, it wasn't a total loss as it has meant I have another thing to add to my overflowing wardrobe! So it's mine and I lived in it yesterday:) 50p

Recently I'm buying a lot of monsoon, well second hand monsoon, way too pricey new.. It has two little rips in the seams but they are easily fixable so I didn't mind. The print looks like precise paintbrush marks in pinks, blues, yellows but from a distance they match my curtains and look polka dot. £1

Thanks for reading and I hope you all see what great buys you can get on a early sunday morning! Hopefully it doesn't rain!

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