Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My friends photography- Oct 2010

These photos were for my friend Jen's project, believe it or not like as a freezing day in october! A few days before my birthday, The outfits, hair and make-up were styled by me, I usually wear this hair and make-up and the outfits were all mostly sourced from my charity shop rummaging and car-booting. Jen is a brilliant photographer and I have just collaborated with her recently, this is what reminded me to upload these shots.  

Me just casually applying the lippy.

Showing the victoy roll

My mini picnic basket, £2! Crazy!

I really like how Jen has caught the tree in the top left corner, the texture works with that of the dress.

Close up time! I added a netted piece into my hair, I thought it added a nice hint of colour.

Thanks for reading, I'll upload photos from my recent photo-shoot soon. Just a hint, I'm one hell of a scary doll!!! 

Kate xxxxx

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