Saturday, 14 April 2012

She has such good style.

Julia Frakes

Julia is currently a fashion blogger, model and writer. She started blogging when she was sixteen, she caught attention from fashion editors at Paper's, Julia became a columnist for 'papers' whilst still in high school! During fashion week in 2008 she was noticed for her distinctive style, and this is when her popularity grew. This is what I love about her, her style, but she is a beautiful model!

Articles written by Julia Frakes on Papers,4,11,18,9,10,12,5&tag=Julia%20Frakes&limit=20

Really nice mix of prints at Lulu Frost's Spring/Summer 2012 presentation.

This is an older photo of her, but its just showing the oversized jumper trend with a statement shoe. Something that is still one of the trends right now.

Love this oversized blazer coat, I have a coat like this but its not as long, wish it was! 

Vena Cava's Spring/Summer 2010 show, Really am loving this statement coat and the socks!

Worn for the opening of a Stella Mccartney shop in Paris, Feb 2011
The photo is from an interview with Julia on:

How cute is she! Her style is just timeless, this white outfit above could be worn yesterday. These photos are from 2010-2012, I choose a few favourites but there are lots more on her website and street style blogs.

Kate xxx

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