Sunday, 22 April 2012

Photoshoot time again!

This is my final piece for my fashion project, a japanese inspired dress. I was very influenced by the mix of sheer and opaque fabrics that had been all over the runway last season, but sewing with organza was hell so definitely would choose a sheer fabric that doesn't fray as much and has stretch in the future! I embroided fan shapes onto the collar to add a subtle pop of colour to the sheer and to incorporate Japanese imagery. 

These shots were for my portfolio for uni interviews, I got accepted by Westminster, Ravensbourne and Brighton! I think I'll be accepting Brighton as I love it there, as you can tell by a previous post about Brighton :)  

Model & Stylist: Me
Photographer: Jodie Ollis
Hair and make-up artist: Josh Matheson


Inspiration for fabric colour, shape and posture.

This is the kind of effect I wanted on the photographs, which was brilliantly achieved by Jodie.

Thanks for reading, 
Kate xxx

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