Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Brighton 28/03/12

Hi! I've just got back from my university interview in Brighton. Just thought I'd share some photos I took of an area called The Lanes in Brighton town, where all the vintage shops are and a cool garden my Mum and I found. It was such a sunny day, I saw lots of burnt faced people! My interview went well, I'll let you know if I get in:)

The Lanes

A fabric shop I might be visiting alot! So much fabric in there, but it was a little expensive, so no buys today.

This shop caught my eye straight away, I loved all the cartoons showing the Alice in Wonderland story, so playful and cute.

One of the many vintage shops. The top photo is a section of the window display, I really liked the old telephones, love the colours. Its full of crammed rails to rummage through and has really nice knitwear and satin dressing gowns. I really like the left 3 dresses in the middle picture, the colours and shapes are lovely and are what I usually go for with my clothing.

The university

The campus I'll hopefully go to, I'll be with the textiles students as well as the fashion students but also with artists and photographers so hopefully I can do some collaborations and joint projects :)

The Garden

Lots of grass gardens perfect for summer picnics.

The outfit I chose, It was hot so I brought out the maxi dress! Ignore my squinting eyes,  just couldn't get away from the sun.

 The pier

A quick picture from the car, You cant see it well but it's the Brighton pier!

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Kate xxx

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